Want Support?

Are you are a coach (or want-to-be coach) and are looking for that extra amount of support?

Support that will assist you to either start coaching or take your coaching onto the next level?

Then I invite you to check out the following solutions to see which is the best fit to support you and your situation.

I’m on a mission to support, nurture and encourage coaching skills and talents from non-coach to coach and beyond.

Some of the programs are specifically designed for coaches who are just starting out on their coaching journeys. Others have been created for those who have more experience and want that extra bit of assistance.

You’ll also notice that some can be quick one off events while others offer far more long-term support.

Basically there is a range of solutions that mirror my work with individuals in offering the flexibility to work best for you. Below you will find a list of possible situations and scenarios with links to the solutions I offer.

  • Are you transitioning, or thinking of moving from being a Non-Coach to a Coach?

Are you uncertain about how you will do that? Then find out more about the From Non-Coach to Coach Discovery Session. Click here for more details.

  • Is the prospect of coaching “real people” scary?

If you are not putting your coaching skills and knowledge into use then I invite you to explore the support available with Start Coaching “Real People” in 90 Days

  • Are you afraid that any moment someone will discover that you are a fraud?

Is that affecting your confidence and the actions that you are taking (or not taking ;-))? If so, read more about my From Feeling A Fake to Confident Coach Program by clicking here.

  • Do you believe in the value of coaching?

If you are on this site you probably already have a sense of the value coaching can provide. If you are looking for more than one off moment of support then I offer 3 different levels of coaching packages.

Are you not prepared to let any fear hold them back from taking action any longer and want support to gain momentum in taking your coaching and life to the next level? Then you’ll find out more about the Platinum Coaching Package by clicking here.

If you want regular coaching sessions to keep yourself on track and focused then explore what’s on offer with the Gold Coaching package by clicking here.

If you want support to regain focus yet either finances or time has so far prevented you from investing in more regular support then check out my silver coaching package.

  • Are you struggling to get started to take action, or is it hard work to get going?

Do you know what you have to do to take the next step but find you ar procrastinating? If you are looking for a quick boost to your productivity, something to get momentum going, then explore the possibility of an action day by clicking here.

  • Are ready to start running your own workshops, however you don’t know how to go about creating the content?

The Create Your Own Workshop Content VIP Day is the option that does what the title says – You and I will spend the day together so by the end you will have your workshop content designed. Click here for more detail.

If the only thing that is getting in the way of you getting the coaching you want is finances then contact me. I will happily see who I know that will be a great match for you.

If you are considering working with me, here is some information that will help you make a great decision:

· Most of my clients come to me from personal recommendations from satisfied clients and colleagues. Apart from being a huge compliment, this respect and recognition for my skill and talent is an indication of the standard of my work with you.

· I bring many years of training and learning different skills, techniques and theory which means that I am a catalyst to start creating something new in your life.

· I have spent years making my living by guiding, nurturing and developing talent. I use all of this experience so that I help you find your strengths and passions, stay focused and believing in yourself.

· Creativity and compassionate: I have been described as being like an iron fist inside a velvet glove – creating a safe environment with my warm and focused approach yet with the ability to get to the heart of the situation and knock the problem out of the way.

· Flexibility – I tailor make the sessions to the individual in front of me. I don’t confine myself to just one technique, I’ll use the ones that work for you. It’s like the having an item of clothing professionally and personally made for you. The end result is that it’ll fit you perfectly and flatters your body shape, making you look a million dollars.

· Integrity – I only take on clients if I truly believe that I can make a difference with by working with them, if I feel that there is someone else who is a better fit then I happily refer them to one of my talented colleagues within this profession.

· It’s not just about what happens when we are together. The work that we do together will be designed for you to use in your day-to-day life to make a positive difference.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what just some of the things others have to say:

“Jen is the kind of coach that other coaches aspire to be. She’s fantastic. Grab any opportunity to spend time with her.”
(Chris Morris, World Class Training Provider and host of NLP Connections.)

“From the very first phone call I was amazed at how much Jen was able to draw out of me and just how motivated I began to feel. I feel positive about my future and know I CAN do what I’m planning without fear! I would recommend Jen without hesitation!”
(Deborah Roberts. United Kingdom)

Working “with Jen has been very helpful. She has not only been motivating, but has helped me to find a balance and to progress towards my objectives.”
(V.S. United Kingdom)

“Although I was initially nervous about what to expect, Jen put me at ease and made it fun. After each session I felt so much better and ready to take on the world, with a toolkit of exercises to use as and when I needed.”
(Sophie Wise, England)

“Working with Jen as been a fantastic experience. In just a few short sessions I have learned things about myself I never had realised before. Jen has helped me to identify what I really want and I have now defined some clear goals. I have set some objectives along the way to achieving my goals and I’m already beginning to see results!

Jen is pleasant and easy to work with. She is very skilled in her approach.

I highly recommend Jen’s services.”
(Mike Gee. United Kingdom)

Ready for more? I offer a number of different solutions to find the details about specific packages click here for more details.